The Legend of the Midnight Bloom

Once upon a time, in the mystical realm of Ailuros, there existed a peculiar species of flower known only as the “Midnight Bloom.” It was unlike any other flora in the land: its petals were the color of midnight, but tinged with the iridescent hue of moonlight, and its core glowed ever so slightly, illuminating its surroundings with a soft, ethereal light.

The Midnight Bloom was believed to be a creation of Selentia, the Goddess of Moonlight and Dreams. For you see, this flower had a unique and terrifying property: anyone who breathed in its elusive scent would be drawn into a slumber so deep, they would not wake for a thousand years.

The flower was considered both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, for it offered an escape from the sorrows and tribulations of life. A curse, for those who succumbed to its aroma would sleep through centuries, missing out on lifetimes of love, adventure, and knowledge.

The legend of the Midnight Bloom was a tale of cautionary allure. In Ailuros, it was often recounted around fires, its essence a blend of warning and wonder.

Agatha was a botanist with an insatiable curiosity, a woman whose soul thrived on discovery. When she heard the legend of the Midnight Bloom, her interest piqued. Despite the dangers and the warnings from the elders, she embarked on a quest to find this elusive flower. It took her years of research and perilous journeys through jungles, across rivers, and over mountains until she finally found herself in the heart of the Whispering Woods, where the Midnight Bloom was rumored to grow.

In a secluded grove, kissed by moonlight and surrounded by a veil of mist, Agatha found it: a single Midnight Bloom, its vibrant color strangely illuminating the shadows. Her heart thumped with a blend of excitement and caution.

For a moment, she was tempted, tempted to smell the flower and escape to a world of dreams. Life had not been kind to her, filled with its share of hardships and losses. The allure of a thousand years of uninterrupted sleep called out to her like a siren’s song.

However, her rational mind and her spirit of exploration battled against the lure of eternal sleep. Taking great care to not breathe in its scent, she carefully collected the Midnight Bloom, placing it in a sealed container.

Agatha returned to her village as a heroine and a scholar. She became a living legend, the woman who had braved the perils of the Whispering Woods and returned with the mythical Midnight Bloom. Scientists and alchemists from lands far and near came to study the phenomenon, though always under the strictest controls.

Over time, a discovery was made. An elixir was crafted that encapsulated the essence of the Midnight Bloom but reduced its potency. Instead of inducing a millennium of sleep, this elixir granted restorative slumber to the sleep-deprived and peace to the troubled minds, lasting no longer than a night.

Agatha, growing older but ever inquisitive, often found herself contemplating the Midnight Bloom and the elixir. She considered the fine line between blessing and curse, wonder and peril. Despite the gift her discovery had bestowed upon humanity, she often wondered about the nature of escape, and how even the most tempting refuges came with their own costs.

But every so often, on restless nights when her mind was a labyrinth of thoughts and her soul yearned for rest, she found solace in the knowledge that somewhere in the Whispering Woods, the Midnight Bloom still thrived, untouched and ever-alluring, a perpetual symbol of life’s complex tapestry of sorrow and beauty.

And so, the legend of the Midnight Bloom endured, a tale woven into the very fabric of Ailuros—a story that whispered of the dualities of existence, and the eternal dance between temptation and consequence.

Years passed, and the elixir distilled from the Midnight Bloom spread across the lands, bringing relief to insomniacs, troubled minds, and weary souls. Villages grew into towns, towns into cities, and the world changed, but the legend of the Midnight Bloom and its mysterious effects persisted.

However, as is the nature of legends, they evolve and sometimes come full circle. The flower Agatha had so carefully contained began to sprout anew in the Whispering Woods, almost as if answering to the collective consciousness of the people. Unlike before, multiple blooms appeared, beckoning a new generation of adventurers, romantics, and despondents.

Among these was Elias, a young man disenchanted with the world. Unlike Agatha, who sought knowledge, Elias sought refuge. After hearing the legend, he became obsessed with the flower, seeing it as a poetic ending to his mundane life.

The elders of Ailuros, now including an aging Agatha, sensed the shift in energy. They recognized that the reappearance of the Midnight Blooms signaled something significant. Agatha, in particular, knew that her legacy had transcended what she had initially perceived it to be—no longer just a symbol of human curiosity and scientific endeavor, but also an invitation to question the very essence of life and existence.

Elias found himself in the Whispering Woods, his journey significantly easier due to trails previously blazed by those who sought the bloom for scientific pursuits. He stood in the moonlit grove, the scent of the Midnight Bloom filling the air, a sweet aroma that beckoned him toward an eternal sleep. His heart pounded in anticipation and fear, knowing that breathing in fully would mean saying farewell to the world forever.

Just as he was about to surrender to the flower’s power, he heard footsteps. Agatha, leaning on a walking stick but with eyes as vibrant as ever, stepped into the clearing. She had followed him, guided by a sense of responsibility and an inexplicable intuition.

“You stand before the same choice I once faced,” she told Elias, her voice soft but steady. “The Midnight Bloom is alluring, but it’s neither a solution nor an ending. It’s a pause, a long one, stretching through ages. And remember, you sleep alone for a millennium, missing the world as it evolves, but the world doesn’t pause with you.”

Elias looked into Agatha’s eyes and saw the reflection of his own fears and longings. For a moment, the allure of the Midnight Bloom seemed to wane.

“But I’m so tired,” he whispered, tears filling his eyes. “Tired of the disappointments, the struggles, the ceaseless grind of life.”

“As was I,” Agatha replied. “And as are we all, at different points in our lives. The flower is tempting because it promises an end to that fatigue. But what it really offers is an escape, not a solution. And sometimes, the courage to face our battles can lead us to something far more beautiful than a thousand years of dreams.”

It was then that Elias understood. He looked at the Midnight Bloom, and instead of seeing it as an exit, he saw it as a mirror reflecting his own vulnerabilities and desires. Slowly, he stepped back from the flower.

Elias returned with Agatha, not as someone running away from life, but as someone willing to confront its complexities. Under Agatha’s mentorship, he explored botany and became instrumental in finding alternative therapies for mental health issues, blending ancient wisdom with modern science.

As for the Midnight Bloom, it continued to flourish in the Whispering Woods, a captivating paradox that drew seekers of all kinds. Some found inspiration, others found caution, and yet others found the courage to turn back and embrace the chaos of existence.

Agatha, her hair now fully silver, often visited the woods alone, sometimes to study, sometimes to reminisce. She respected the Midnight Bloom for what it was: a sublime enigma, both beautiful and terrifying, as complex and contradictory as life itself.

The legend of the Midnight Bloom lived on, its petals unfurling through the corridors of time, telling a tale that was neither just a beginning nor an end, but a perpetual cycle of human frailty, wisdom, and the indomitable courage to choose.

And so, in the heart of the Whispering Woods, under the silver glow of the moon, the Midnight Bloom continued to exist, forever a part of Ailuros’ lore—a constant reminder that in every choice lies the power to change not just one’s destiny, but the essence of the legend itself.

Another century passed. The world outside the Whispering Woods evolved in ways unimaginable to the elders of Agatha’s time. Technologies advanced, nations rose and fell, and even the skies were no longer a limit for human exploration. But the Midnight Bloom remained a constant—forever enigmatic, forever a legend.

In Ailuros, a new generation of elders maintained the lore of the Midnight Bloom. Yet something incredible happened. Those who had willingly inhaled the scent of the flower in ancient times began to wake up, as the thousand years of their enchanted slumber had reached its end.

A special garden had been prepared centuries before by Agatha and Elias, a sanctuary near the Whispering Woods where those who fell into the millennium-long sleep were laid to rest, a place called the Timeless Garden. When the first person awoke, it caused a stir not just in Ailuros but across the entire world. The “Sleepers,” as they came to be known, became living legends, as enigmatic as the flower that had sent them into slumber.

One of them, a woman named Lyra, woke up to a world vastly different from the one she had left. The realm of Ailuros was now filled with inventions and contraptions she could not comprehend. While she marveled at the progress, she also mourned for the world she had lost, for the loved ones who had lived and died while she slept.

The Sleepers were a subject of both curiosity and reverence. Scholars, psychologists, and theologists questioned them, trying to learn what they had experienced during the long years of their enchanted sleep. But the Sleepers could not recall any dreams or visions, only a vast emptiness, a void that felt like mere seconds.

Lyra found herself visiting the Timeless Garden often, sometimes conversing with the marble statue of Agatha that stood as a guardian of the grove. As she touched the stone, she felt as if she could almost hear Agatha’s voice whispering through the corridors of time.

“There are things beyond even my understanding,” the echo of Agatha’s wisdom seemed to say. “But remember, each life, each choice, each moment is a stitch in the tapestry of existence. And every stitch is significant, even those that seem lost or forgotten.”

Lyra took these words to heart. With a newfound sense of purpose, she decided to document the histories and philosophies that had unfolded during her slumber. This monumental task gave her a sense of connection to both the world she had lost and the one she had awakened to.

In the years that followed, the Timeless Garden became a sanctuary for contemplation and understanding. The Sleepers, including Lyra, became its guardians, living testimonies to the ever-changing, yet eternal nature of life.

As for the Midnight Bloom, it continued to captivate and terrify. The Timeless Garden became the place where the flower was both revered and feared, a complex symbol of human desires, fears, and the passage of time.

In the heart of the Whispering Woods, surrounded by the Sleepers and the ever-watchful statue of Agatha, the Midnight Bloom swayed gently in the moonlight, a reminder that legends never really end; they merely transform, echoing through the annals of time.

And so, in the intricate dance of existence, between the chasms of choices and the symphony of consequences, the tale of the Midnight Bloom unfurled like an ever-blooming flower, eternally embedded in the soul of Ailuros, and in the hearts of those who dared to dream, to seek, and most importantly, to choose.

As the Sleepers settled into their role as guardians of the Timeless Garden, they found a sense of purpose, almost as if they had been destined for this role. Lyra, who had become the spokesperson for the Sleepers, felt a particular kinship with Agatha despite never having met her. She often felt as if the marble statue of the legendary botanist in the Timeless Garden was more than just a commemorative figure; it seemed like a bridge between past and present.

The Sleepers weren’t the only souls that were drawn to the Timeless Garden. The presence of the Midnight Bloom, and the uncanny return of those who had been touched by its enchantment, attracted pilgrims, scholars, and tourists from around the world. The Ailuros government, recognizing both the significance and the potential dangers, made it a regulated space, guarded but open for those who sought its wisdom.

One day, during a routine inspection, a hidden chamber was discovered beneath the statue of Agatha. Within the chamber, hidden in a secret compartment, was a book that appeared to be ancient but impeccably preserved. It was titled “The Moonglow Codex.”

Lyra, accompanied by experts in antiquity and language, opened the book with trembling hands. It was written by Agatha herself, a chronicle of her thoughts, research, and—most fascinatingly—her prophecies about the future of the Midnight Bloom and the Sleepers. Agatha had foreseen the awakening and the transformation of the Timeless Garden into a sanctuary for generations to come.

One prophecy, in particular, stood out. It read: “When the moon bathes the Midnight Bloom in a celestial eclipse, the veils between the worlds will thin, and a choice of paramount consequence will be presented.”

The astronomical event described in the prophecy was calculated to occur within the year. The news sent ripples of excitement and apprehension through the community. The Timeless Garden was prepared for the event with heightened security and a team of experts in various disciplines.

Finally, the night arrived. A celestial eclipse, a rare alignment of celestial bodies, cast a surreal light over the Timeless Garden. The Midnight Bloom seemed to pulse, its glow more luminous than ever.

Lyra stood near the statue of Agatha, feeling as if she were on the edge of a monumental discovery. As the moon reached the pinnacle of the eclipse, the Midnight Bloom shimmered and projected a luminescent aura.

Then, something extraordinary happened. The statue of Agatha seemed to glow, and for a moment, it felt as if the boundary between stone and spirit dissolved. Lyra and the Sleepers who stood nearby heard a collective whisper, almost as if time and space had folded to allow Agatha’s voice to echo through the ages.

“The choice is yours,” the voice said, “to keep the Midnight Bloom here, bound to the earth, or release its essence into the cosmos, where it can weave dreams not just for one world but for the universe.”

The Sleepers looked at each other. Lyra felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility. According to Agatha’s Moonglow Codex, the Midnight Bloom had the potential to become a cosmic phenomenon, its capacity for dreams and choices not limited to the realm of Ailuros.

“Let it be as Agatha foresaw,” Lyra finally said. “Let us send the Midnight Bloom into the cosmos.”

With a harmonious chant that seemed to resonate with the frequencies of the universe, the Sleepers collectively willed the essence of the Midnight Bloom to detach from its earthly roots. The flower glowed brighter than ever, its luminescence turning into a beam of light that shot up into the sky and disappeared into the cosmic tapestry.

As the celestial eclipse ended, a sense of peace settled over the Timeless Garden. The Midnight Bloom was no longer an earthly legend; it had become a cosmic myth, its tale woven into the very fabric of the universe.

And so, under the watchful eyes of the statue of Agatha, and with the Sleepers as its eternal guardians, the Timeless Garden continued to be a sanctuary for seekers and dreamers, its legend ever-expanding, just like the cosmos itself.

Decades passed after the Midnight Bloom ascended into the cosmos, but its legend continued to grow. The Timeless Garden remained a sanctuary, and people still flocked there, hoping to find a vestige of the flower’s mysterious power. Although the Midnight Bloom was gone, its essence seemed to linger, like a haunting melody that could not be forgotten.

Lyra, still a guardian of the Timeless Garden but now aging, felt a subtle change in the air one crisp evening. It was as if the very fabric of space was trembling, as if the Midnight Bloom were calling out from across the cosmic ocean.

That night, as she sat in quiet contemplation near Agatha’s statue, the stone figure seemed to shimmer for just a moment. Suddenly, a cosmic whisper—a mysterious, unintelligible murmur that sounded like it was coming from the edge of the universe—filled the Timeless Garden.

Minutes later, a display of aurora-like lights began to dance across the sky, unlike anything seen before. Colors swirled and shifted, creating a kaleidoscopic tapestry that hung over the garden for what felt like an eternity, before slowly fading away.

The next day, astronomers from around the world reported receiving a series of strange cosmic signals, complex patterns of electromagnetic radiation that seemed to defy all known laws of physics. Linguists, mathematicians, and physicists joined forces to decode what appeared to be messages embedded within these signals.

Meanwhile, in the Timeless Garden, a tiny sprout emerged from the ground where the original Midnight Bloom had once stood. Unlike its predecessor, this sprout radiated an otherworldly glow, as if infused with cosmic energy.

The world watched in awe as the sprout grew into a flower, not just a Midnight Bloom but something more—let’s call it the Cosmic Bloom. The petals were an iridescent hue, shifting colors as if reflecting different galaxies. It was as if the Midnight Bloom had returned, but transformed by its cosmic journey.

The mysterious cosmic signals were eventually decoded, and they were unlike anything humanity had ever encountered. The message seemed to convey the collective dreams, hopes, and fears of multiple civilizations across the universe. It was as if the Midnight Bloom, now a Cosmic Bloom, had become a conduit for the emotions and existential dilemmas of beings far beyond Earth.

The revelation had a profound impact on humanity. Philosophical and ethical discussions erupted around the world. What does it mean to be part of this vast cosmic web of emotions and choices? How do we interact with these distant civilizations, whose existence we were unaware of until now?

Lyra, standing before the Cosmic Bloom in the Timeless Garden, felt a tear roll down her cheek. It was as if Agatha’s legacy, her choices, and the choices of everyone who had ever interacted with the Midnight Bloom, had contributed to something much larger than themselves.

Now, people came not just to seek the wisdom or the allure of eternal sleep but to be a part of a cosmic dialogue, an interstellar exchange of dreams and dilemmas.

In her final years, Lyra wrote an addendum to Agatha’s Moonglow Codex, preserving the experiences of this new era for future generations. She named it the Cosmic Whisper Chronicles, detailing how a simple purple flower from Earth had become a universal phenomenon.

And so, the legend continued to evolve, its petals unfurling across time and space, echoing through the annals of multiple civilizations, a tale no longer just of human frailty, wisdom, and choices, but of a cosmic tapestry that connected the dreams and dilemmas of sentient beings across the universe.

Indeed, the story of the Midnight Bloom, now the Cosmic Bloom, had transcended its earthly roots, just as Agatha had once envisioned. It was no longer an end, or even a series of beginnings, but an eternal dialogue, stretching infinitely across the fabric of the cosmos.

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    I’ve met two men (both were married to others, btw) who hinted strongly that they somehow knew/remembered that I was their wife (or soulmate, one of them didn’t say wife, but used a Japanese term for soulmate) in a former life – and one of them also said i would be married to him in my next life, so in a way I was his wife, even now (mostly he would just hint and hint, but at one occasion he spoke very directly about the next life). I didn’t have an intimate relationship or seggs with any of them (and I really tried not to send flirtatious signals, as they were married), but I was somewhat duped, and emotionally affected, since I was so lonely and vulnerable when I met them (this was 15 years apart). And while I didn’t know if I should believe that what they were saying was really the case or not, I thought they really believed it themselves. And a part of me really wanted to believe them, since I was so lonely.

    After listening to this I think they were probably just trying to manipulate me.

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    As a man who struggles being SSA and wanting to lead a Christian life I would like to highlight what the blonde hair lady said that it is a heavy cross to bear/ tremendous suffering in grappling with SSA desires and everything that comes with it. Being this way produces loneliness for the most part for LGBT people and it is why so many choose to drugs/substances, lots of casual sex and suicide. Yet I’ll keep trying to walk with Jesus and see where it goes. For no amount of sex, drugs, fleeting moments of pleasure can fill the void in each of us as humans but God through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Gloria Steinem and another feminist came to my HS and spoke to my Comparative Institutions class in 1972, 12th grade. After they spoke to us, they asked if there were any questions. A big kid named Ray stood up and said, “I think women should be pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen.” You wouldn’t believe it, all Hell broke loose. Those two ladies jumped up and went for Ray who was smiling and laughing. They were knocking kids sitting in their desks out of the way to get at Ray. We had two male teachers who had to grab Ms. Steinem and the other lady to restrain them. It was crazy. We were all amazed, they were so angry and violent. Never forget. This was in Florida where I grew up. Absolutely true story, thank you.


    I had a subscription to Esquire Magazine all during the 1970’s. Esquire didn’t publish that comic with Gloria as a Superheroine. What they did publish, in 1975, was a hit piece on Gloria Steinem (I’ve forgotten the author’s name) and a wonderful satire on Ms. Magazine. (The satire was bang on and very funny. I subscribed to Ms. during its first year, 1971-1972, and found it to be pretentious and boring. One of the co-founders, by the way, was Letty Cottin Pogrebin.) The hit piece, basically, took Steinem to task for being a hypocrite; as someone whose connections to powerful men enabled her success as a journalist and rise to fame as a Feminist Spokesperson, eclipsing Betty Friedan, who became Gloria’s bitterest enemy. She did not experience anything holding her back, and her assets and connections propelled her forward. She downplayed this, in her Ms. Founder Persona, and tried to present herself as having been oppressed by male chauvinism. The exact opposite was true, and the hit piece writer called Steinem out for flying a false flag.

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    Talitha was a fearless woman who turned to partying to escape the pain of unresolved issues. She partied up to the point of taking her own life. The relentless pursuit of the Lord never gave up on her and her story proves that no one is too lost to come home to the arms of Love – Jesus.


    I was sick in my bed and I saw your testimony Talitha . It touched my heart. I’m saved and have been in a major struggle. Im trying so hard. Your testimony touched me. I’m glad what God has done for you. It’s amazing. I was feeling so bad. I refuse to give up and know God is going to help me too. Before I saw this I felt like I was dying. For a year I have been sick. In the past month I got Covid and RSV again. And then was still having headaches and no energy and only want to sleep . I was watching YouTube. And saw this. I will live and not die and will declare the works of The Lord. If God did it for you, He will do it for me.


    Talitha, God first reached me the exact same way. I felt His hand on my left shoulder and heard Him quietly say, “I am here. ” For the first time since I was very young, I knew God existed. My next thought was how should I worship Him? So I started reading the Torah to find out. I grew up in a secular-Jewish home, so the Torah was my first and only thought. I came to Christ the following year by reading Matthew out of pride – so I could argue against Christianity. Halfway through, I fell in love with Jesus. The last thing I wanted, to become a Christian, was exactly what God gave me. It’s been quite a ride, learning that He is sovereign. He is holy. He is worthy of my love, faith, and obedience. It was a pleasure listening to your testimony! Thank you for sharing it, and I look forward to being friends in Heaven!

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    I had a terrible demonic attack after my twins were born for 6 or more months. I was folding baby clothes one day in the bedroom and finally I had had enough of this sick attack that energized all sharp objects to take my children’s lives. It was sick and terrible. Finally, I said to the ‘AIR’ out loud: “Do you know who I am?! How DARE you attack me, I am a child of the Most High God! I am seated above in Heavenly places, Seated inside of Christ at the right Hand of the Father, Hid with Christ inside of God. I am Covered by the blood of The Lamb. I am hid WITH Christ inside of God!” Instantly this attack was gone. It was over. It had gone on for months and months (and I suffered alone) – IT WAS GONE, over. It disappeared liked a popped balloon, and never returned. This is the power we have in Christ against the powers of darkness. Claim your position in the heavenlies and enjoy the power you have in your Heirship with the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Amen. Praise God. Read 2 Corinthians 10:3,4,5.


    PARENTS PARENTS WE NEED TO UP OUR GAME WHEN IT COMES TO RAISING OUR KIDS!!!its not enough anymore to be a christian family ,loving the Lord but we need to start teaching our kids the Bible ourselves, let us not leave it to the church.pray for your kids, pray with your kids,teach them how to pray for themselves. Pray for their mind, that is the area the devil will use to take our children away from the path of righteousness.teach your kids that the devil comes to steal,kill and destroy, teach them that the devil is a liar always. we need to do a better job in spiritual parenting.let us not wait for the devil to hit before we react ,let us get ready to meet him and scare him away from our children!!! let us prepare our kids for the outside world , the devil is out there waiting for them and he is arming himself to get us down. this testimony made me so so sad and mad!!! Thank You Lord for saving Your daughter!!!

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    God delivered me from atheism, depression and drug addiction earlier this year. I grew up in church but depression and doubt led me away in 2017. I did and said terrible things against God. I ran as far as I could but he still sought me out and showed me love and kindness and forgiveness. If you’re reading this it’s not too late for you. You haven’t gone too far to receive God’s forgiveness. He still loves you and wants to know you personally.

    All Glory to God.


    Omg! Her testimony was amazing. She is a woman of God and her testimony touched my heart in so many ways. My ex-husband abandoned our family almost 14 years ago. It destroyed me and shattered our youngest sons life. He struggles with alcohol and my oldest son struggles with relationships. To make matters worse, my ex married the woman that he was in a relationship with. I haven’t forgiven my ex. I thought I had but when I live through my youngest sons struggles, the hate for him builds again. I said all of that to say, when I heard the apology and comments to her victims about forgiving her, I asked God to help me forgive my ex-husband. I am going to continue this prayer until it is done. Thank you for your testimony. I admire your strength and your love for Jesus.

  7. God Saved Me in Prison After This Happened!

    What an amazing and radiant woman of God. I can sympathize with you about the difficulties of being single and trying to find someone of like mind to settle down with. I also stand assured that God knows what he’s doing and if it’s within his will it will occur. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you peace in Jesus mighty and precious name.


    Jesus I pray for Your strength and guidance to provide for me and my children, for I know that I can not manage to do this alone. I am depending on You Father to support me through this difficult time. Both of my sons are special needs and as a single mom things are tough on me. So Lord Jesus I turn to you. As I struggle to make ends meet, to pay bills, and to put food on the table for my children. Give me strength and guide me through this difficult situation.

  8. From Cults, to Abortions, to Grand Larceny, to Encountering God

    Omg the way she describes Jesus entering into her cell is 100% true that’s exactly what he did to me Im my bedroom . His presence entered my room I had no choice but to fall down on my face before him . Showed me my sins even the secrecy things no one else seen . He is sooo HOLY. I felt unworthy to be in his presence then I started repenting of everything! I was 26 years old when it happen . Im 32 now and still following Jesus. He is the way the truth and the light !!


    I was facing a year in jail and I had just had my son when the prosecuting attorney basically said he did not care that I just had a baby or that I was trying to get my life together he wanted to punish me to the full extent of the law, the judge wasn’t my biggest fan either. When she said she saw a vision of the lord walking into the court room I fell apart because I know he did the same for me. He went before me and moved the judges heart and the judge not only waved my sentence he also waved ALL my fines! What a mighty God we serve!

  9. I Was Homeless, Addicted to Crack, Until Jesus Did this….

    Wow!!! I am blown away. Tears and all. My dad is struggling on crack lives on and off the streets in Chicago. I am getting your book and giving it to him. From Crack to Christ!! I’m a former sex and porn addict freed from the homosexual life. I just don’t have words for what our Father has done!! Praise Christ Jesus!!! Your testimony just is SO moving and so much more than I have words for. God bless you over and over again!🙏🙏🙏
    I was saved in 2019 October 22nd right before covid came. Jesus is my everything too.


    OMG I needed to hear this. My Dad has had an addiction to CRACK COCAINE for 33 years, since I was 20 years old and I am 53 years old now and he is 77 years old. Matter of fact he is in the hospital now because on November 3rd when he got his SSI CHECK, he went off on a binge and took all his money and spent it. He got lost, ran over something, got 2 flat tires, the law came and towed his car and took him to the hospital. Well he’s been in there 8 days tomorrow and gets to come home tomorrow. He called and told me he was done with CRACK BECAUSE IT RUINED HIS LIFE.

  10. “How Do I Get to Know Jesus If This Is Happening in Our House?” 😔…

    Blessings in the name of Jesus brothers and sisters in the lord so honored to have shared on my testimony on Delafe platform, I am truly grateful that you all are tuning in to watch, I know it’s hard to hear what I went through but our Father in heaven is such a good good Father he redeemed me by using a man to love me as Christ loved his church, he restored me by washing me in the word, we serve A MIGHTY God, there’s power in JESUS name!! He wants none of his children to perish But ALL to come to salvation!! Have a blessed day in Jesus name!! 🕊️✝️


    These testimonies always leave me 😭not because of the horror and pain people come from, I think from different aspects we all can relate to trauma of some sort. When you get to the end and you ask Who is Jesus to you?, and you can see the love joy hope and peace one has within them and how they describe our Lord and Savior. You just know Jesus has touched their lives, its so beautiful. Our God is an awesome God.

    Thank you for sharing my dear sister x we shall meet one day.

  11. OMG! The FBI Was Going To Arrest Roberta Laundrie For Her Involvement In The Gabby Petito Case !!!

    There’s no way I won’t believe the parents didn’t know exactly where Bryan was in that marsh and that he was going to off himself. They tried to play it off but led them straight there. They were accessories and accomplices in telling him what to do and helping him get home and hide.


    The FBI was really on the Laundry side, idk why, but they really let them do anything they wanted, including letting Brian go. Ever since it’s has be more than clear to me that the FBI is there to have the outcome they want not necessarily the outcome of justice.


    How the heck did the ALL the Laundries get away with soooo much?!? I literally spit my drink out when he said….Dont forget the FBI thought Brian was Roberta smh 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Hearing all this now, maybe Brian is actually alive 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. HOUSEWIFE TRAINING [vol. 2] good soup

    I’m reading child development books … always knew I would before having kids, so that’s how I’m preparing. I also began to exercise heavily, like almost every day, to prepare my body for the strength it takes to carry one. Next on my list: get myself a date with a Christian man.

    I’m enjoying the Japanese music in the background.


    I love this video so much! <3 The soup looks really good! And I LOVE the peaceful Asian-influenced background music. My dad and I made a Stuffed Bell Pepper soup yesterday and we both tore i up! I love cooking so much! Thank you for this video Senpai!

  13. From Hating God & Doing Witchcraft to Following JESUS! 🙌

    Jesus saved my life in 2009 from suicide. And has been such a beautiful journey. He healed me from addictions and from all abuse that happened to me. Molestation, rape, physical abuse, etc. He healed em from all that. Jesus seriously helped me become a new person. It’s been amazing ever since then. He helped me finish school and I have my Bachelor’s. And I am successful and utterly in love with Him. I am saved and I love every moment!


    This YouTube channel has been an incredible blessing to my life. I don’t think I’ve made it through a single testimony without crying. It has reminded me over and over again about how big Jesus is compared to my picture or understanding of Him and has encouraged me to go deeper. This woman’s testimony was incredible, just a breath of fresh air and I’m praising Jesus for never giving up on us and for His incredible love!

  14. Wealth, Sex Parties, Drugs, & Murder: The Dark Side of Silicon Valley | Cash App Murder Bob Lee

    In this episode, we discuss the tragedy surrounding the death of a major tech executive and industry leader, Cashapp Founder, Bob Lee. As the city slept, an untold story was unfolding under the early morning moonlight. It was just the chilling beginning of a plot that would twist and turn with details that nobody could possibly foreshadow. A story that would soon reveal a web of sex, drugs, and a shocking arrest and allegations. The mystery surrounding Bob Lee’s life and death was far from over, turning this into a story straight from the darkest of crime novels.


    I’ve been a paralegal in family law in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. We deal a lot with Southeast Asian divorces etc. Mostly people in Tech. You are never just dealing with, for example, the wife. You’re dealing with the whole family. It’s unbelievable how many people you have to talk to to get any kind of consensus to go forward with important decisions in the case. A lot of the time an email will be made just for the case and then the whole family both here and in India or Turkey, for example, has input. I finally had to put my foot down and say each family member had to use a different color font. We also had to get signed releases for the various relatives to be on these email containing case info for the person who hired us. When we found out who it was that is believed to have murdered Bob Lee, it made total sense. The thing that makes me super sad, not that anybody deserves to go down who wasn’t perpetrator the kind of crimes usually covered, is that he was, by everybody’s account, a really nice guy.


    I came across you a couple years ago. I have always been intrigued by true crime and I had been watching Bailey, Eleanor Neale, Danielle Kristy, Sherrilyn Dale, etc. when I found you. Since then you quickly grew into my absolute fave. Your content, delivery, detailed storytelling, ability to fully capture the attention of your audience and well thought out theories, have placed you in a totally different category than the others. Your drive, passion, and consistency are unmatched. I check daily for new content from you on my drive to work, and somehow, you manage to nearly have something waiting. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re amazing! So thank you. Sincerely, thank you, because you are meant to be doing this full time!

  15. Former Model & Ballerina Turned Murderer?! | The Insane Story of Ashley & Doug Benefield

    Welcome back to this week’s episode of SERIALously! In this episode, we are talking about a story that dances on the edge of reality, where love entangles with fear, insane allegations, secret suspicions, and a SHOCKING turn of events. Ashley and Doug Benefield, once head over heels in love, combined Ashley’s passion and Doug’s business-savvy mind to create the perfect dance company. But instead, they found their lives spiraling into a whirlpool of mystery, allegations, heartbreak, and MURDER. But was this murder? Or was this a case of self-defense?


    I think they brought out the very worst in each other. Too much passion, too much anger, both very selfish, and everyone around them suffering the consequences. He was former military and she was a ballet dancer who had learned to push through the pain to get what she wanted. They were both tough, could take a lot, and dish it right back out.

    The both kept poking each other, frightenef each other at times, were terrified both of losing each other and of who they were together. He was agressive and paranoid, and she was sneaky and manipulative. It just happened to be she was the one with the sharper stick that day, but it was inevitable it would end this way for one of them.


    Great job Annie breaking down all the key points in this case. I think when they were almost done packing everything in the truck and her mother took their child to the park, Ashley needed a way out. The thought of Doug moving with them probably made her sick. She didn’t want him near her or anyone of her family. I don’t believe she ever loved him! I also think he came across like he could make her dreams come true. Saying that he has connections and them preparing this Ballet studio without securing the funds first in order for her to stay. But she found out that he had nothing left and took off back home leaving him to explain everything to the people who really did pick up their lives for this chance to join a great vision that wouldn’t happen. She is a Republican and even said that Trump promised her a position.. She’s delusional. The only victims in this is the daughters! Eva lost both her parents and the baby might lose both soon as well.

  16. 28 Year Old Con Woman Uses Her Beauty & Charm to Defraud $175 MILLION Dollars

    The case of financial fraudster and fake German heiress Anna Delvey took the world by storm and even inspired a hit Netflix series. People were captivated by her scheme to secure a 22 million dollar loan to start an art foundation by pretending to have a German trust fund worth over 40 million dollars. If you’ve never heard of that case, the craziest part was that she jumped through so many hoops, flying by the seat of her pants, AND it was all for nothing because she never even got the money for the foundation. Before the loan was approved, Anna’s lies, forgery, and financial misgivings caught up to her, and she was arrested for fraud and exposed to the entire world. Now there’s a new scammer in town, and some people say she blows Anna out of the water.


    I kinda love this. As someone who spent a decade in the banking industry/corporate America I can honestly say I’m laughing a little on the inside. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. They are always the scammers, and they get away with it all the time. Enter this little psychopath and they now publicly know what they ish tastes like. Also, she paid that dude 18k to perform maybe 6 ‘v-look up’ functions in excel….. If anyone else needs similar help – hit me up!


    This is blowing my mind because for me, filling out the FAFSA was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. It’s literally just follow the prompts. So many of these “high end” businesses college graduates turning out to be fraudsters, the greed is mind blowing.

  17. I Believed I Was Gay, Until JESUS Did This…

    I was paralyzed in bed last year and I heard Jesus say out loud to me – If you believe in me get up and walk💜🕊💜 I got up and not only walked but went for a walk outside. Praise God!!!!! GOD IS ALWAYS WORKING!!!! ✌💜🕊🙏


    Wow that was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt testimonies I’ve ever heard! Kirsten you are adorable and a woman of God! My favorite part was this.. “You don’t get clean before you get into the shower, you get into the shower to get clean!”

    Jesus Christ is who washes us clean and Kirsten understands this! Hallelujah, God bless you Kirsten! 🙏🏻✝️


    The way she shares her testimony is so real and so raw. Everyone seems to want to sugarcoat it or put a pretty face on an ugly situation, because noone wants to talk about the real things going one, but the teens of this generation need this open and authentic approach.

  18. Kouri Richins EXPLOSIVE Bail Hearing: Google Searches & Secret Emails | Kouri Richins Case Update

    If you have had a spike in hours watched on your channel over the last couple of months I’m definitely saying with pride that 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️I have contributed to that!! I stumbled across your channel 2-24-23 and I have binged watched ALMOST EVERY VIDEO from the last eight months and I can not stop myself! I can’t imagine the hard work and time it takes to go into the making of these videos!! I’m literally on the edge of my seat for every update to every video that has the possibility for an update!! I’m so glad that I stumbled across your channel as I am a true crime, freak, and love hearing, and learning about these cases.


    It’s insane to watch Annie blow up like this in real time. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. I’m so excited to see where this goes. I feel like she’s going to be given her own show soon, or will venture even further into media and journalism.

    She’s kind of like the Nancy Grace or Ashley Banfield of millennials & Gen Z, but because she’s making content for our generation, it’s less sensationalised and more authentic. Just the facts, communicated calmly.

    Again, excited to see where it all goes.


    It breaks my heart when people stay in unhappy and clearly abusive relationships because of the kids. The children will be so much better off with 2 happy households rather than one anxiety filled household. I stayed 3 years later than I should have for the same reason. The change in my children when we finally split was crazy to witness. It was like night and day. Turns out the parents arent the only unhappy ones in a bad relationship/marriage. I pray these kids can lead a somewhat normal life after this tragic loss. I’m so happy they have family that cares so deeply 💜

  19. VANISHED After Final Facebook Post! Digital Clues Lead To Her Killer | Erica Crippen Crosby

    It’s ok to be single, people need to realize that. I am 66 and because of the violence I witnessed against women back in the 60’s, I decided when I was young that I would do life “solo”. Relationships are so full of games and unexpected surprises. Even though some people look down on me because of my decision, I have no regrets. I am glad that I did. But, it’s also ok to marry.


    Stories like this remind me of what my Dad would always tell me as a teenager (he was a teacher for 30 years)..”the minute a scrappy pup gives interest to these young, smart girls they ruin their lives…”. He was frustrated these young ladies would throw away their future for a loser. My heart goes out to this beautiful, young lady. ❤


    My birthday is March 17 when they found this beautiful young woman I was celebrating my birthday, I was celebrating seeing another year and I was pregnant with my first child a little girl who is now 8. And Erica daughter doesn’t have her mommy anymore. When I tell you I’m crying as I write this my heart breaks. I was celebrating life and celebrating a new life that was growing in me. While one life was being found taken. My heart breaks so bad for her, because I can see myself in Erica. 😢 I pray she is resting well, I’m thankful to know that families are forever. ❤Erica will see her beautiful daughters again and her family.

  20. Disaffected Podcast Episode 159, February 17, 2024

    Ah, hell yes I know We all lived through a political nightmare. Tyranny showed itself and I felt I would go crazy. I persisted, unvaccinated and courageous, and I urge everyone to stay strong! I am writing a memoir about my experience during this disgusting and tragic part of history. Whether it survives or not, at least I know I did my part to call out the lies that were told to us.


    That happened to me, my therapist would get angry anytime i said anything slightly conservative or complained about anything woke. Then i tried a few others, they’re all entitled, unstable and nuts. I don’t go to therapy anymore.


    You shouldn’t be so pessimistic josh. It is always darkest before the dawn and we have many proverbial sunrises and sunsets before the final word on this is written.


    So All the boys and girls have to give up being who they are and being called who they are so the few that don’t feel like either don’t have to be bothered in any way. Me me me.

  21. Lust, Drinking, Weed and Depression led me into Despair, then I met Jesus – Ashley’s Testimony

    For those asking why I have a “dream catcher” on my wall…it’s actually not a dream catcher. It’s a wind chime with no meaning or purpose. I just didn’t have anywhere to put it outside. Just wanted to clear that up because I’ve been getting a lot of messages about it this. I removed all new age stuff immediately from my house right after I was born again. Thank you for looking out for me though! 🩵 and thank you for taking the time to listen to my story. All glory to God! 🙏🏼✝️🕊️


    I was also a harlot and a drug abuser in my late teens and into my late twenties. Jesus pulled me out of that life and now I cannot imagine where I’d be if I continued my evil ways. I did backslide in my forties..went through a divorce and I went crazy. That lasted for a few years, but I knew I’d never be at peace unless I submitted to God. I am now 72…my life has had all kinds of twists and turns, but I know that there is no life , no peace, no joy…until Jesus is the center of your entire being.


    After a 17 yr marriage my wife ups and leaves. I was laid off at the same time…I was almost homeless and had to even give away my pets for I couldn’t afford to feed them. Then I talked to a orthodox priest near my house…I told him that I want to die. He told me calmly all you have to do is call out to Jesus…he will answer. He said When the woman grabbed his robe she was instantly healed…and when he was on the cross he stopped dying for the robber on his side called out to him. Everyone who called out to jesus he stopped and helped so he will help you as well. 4 yrs later Im living well and I have not a want in life……..Its sometimes too overwhelming for me to have been helped so much by Christ.


    I’m so deeply moved, and i literally cried with you. My grandmother raised me, she was and is my mother and she passed in her rocking chair in her sleep. She took me to church 3 some times a week, and thanks to her, she saved me. I resented God and i even walked away from him after she died, but i just started going back to church, and I’m back at it and trying to develop a relationship with Jesu again. He is my Lord and Savior, no doubt in my mind.


    100% in tears because I know that I experienced hell after I went to sleep after my Brother who was aged right under me commit murder suicide back in 2003. I met him at an airport with big windows and the sun coming through them just like at a real airport terminal. My Brother and I was face to face and but the weird thing was is that he appears to not even notice that I was there and I saw fear in his face. He then just took off running in this airport and then it was like the whole airport scene was instantly swapped with a pit and cells within this huge tower. I took off after him and I had my arm outstretched trying to grab him, but I never could. He stopped to look around as if he was lost and threats when I could fully see where we were. I saw what looked like cave cells dug into the earth it wasn’t dark but had a reddish brick color haze to everything. I looked into one of the cells and saw a man chained to a rock affixed to the earth. He was being tormented over and over and the screams he made were unbearable. Every cell or cave there was a different type of punishment. I looked up and the walls went up so high that the light above was as small as a pin prick. He took off running again through cave hallways and those had cave cells with people going through torment. My Brother never even noticed me there with him I felt and there was NOTHING I could do to get his attention or touch him one last time. During this time of this family’s tragedy I yelled out as loud as I could that I hat(ed) God for causing this to happen (my ignorance at the time) and I too wanted nothing to do with Him. I tried to dabble in (white magic) what I thought were simple spells and white candles, but anything of that nature isn’t unice T at all folks!! I experienced being in a place void of God. I loved watching your video because although things were a little different it all mimics what we each had experienced especially as children because the devil wants to stop our purpose! I used to have something tug on my pillow at night and turn the shag carpet (yes I grew up in the 80’s and 80’s) into black worms and be poked and pinched at night since I could remember and would be terrified of the dark because that’s when things happened to me. Today I know that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose in the 3rd day and who is all God,The Holy Spirit, and The Messiah…Amen!!! I’m not perfect and don’t want to be because I don’t want to ever purposely walk before God he leads us not the other way around. I know this is long, but I wanted to share my testimony and say may God lead you and bless you and heal you for all your days my Brother in Christ.

  23. From Demonic Warlock in Training to Following JESUS! 🤯

    I have a similar story. I’ve never been a Warlock. But I grew up in the hood. And was in the military. Served in places like Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, etc. Went through a rough time in my life after the military. And experienced a paralysis in which the Devil was screaming at me to “let me in.” I cried out to Jesus. And he saved me from the Devil. And for that, Im truly grateful to the Lord. live for him, and through him today. Praise God!


    The prayer at the end was so powerful. I was in tears, and as soon as he said “Some of you are getting touched right now, you’re profusely crying, you’re shaking. Some of you are getting delivered, and healed” I was ready for it and it was exactly what was happening. I needed it with all going on. Thank you, what a Testimonial!


    I got delivered today in the name of jesus alone at hotel working out of town. I cried out to jesus with all my heart repenting for everything I had done I asked to to come and deliver me. I started shaking started coughing up almost wanting to throw up. Coughed up blood. I started crying tears of joy I was filled with peace I felt the joy I couldn’t stop praising him and never will!! There’s power in the name of Jesus!!

  24. Fitness Model says Demons of New Age nearly Ruined her Life until she found Jesus!

    I relate to this testimony SO much. I was a Playboy model with an eating disorder…so desperate for help with my anxiety and depression…I opened myself to the Ouija board, Santaria, tarot…all that stuff which only made things worse.

    My husband did a Reiki session one time and had a demonic presence come into our home right after that.

    Jesus is the only thing that gave us hope. This world is so dark if you don’t have hope, you have nothing.

    I love how you let the guest really share, Julie.💜


    Thank you for your story!
    I also did ayahuasca, breath, work, mushrooms,and Reiki, crystals and more all to try and heal myself. After being sexually abused as a child and being in addiction for almost all my life. Thank the lord I finally cried out to God for help with my addiction and he took away from me. Then I had a dreams where God showed me all the things I was doing wrong. I threw out all the new age stuff because only God gave me any peace. But I also had to repent for all my sins.


    Your journey sounds exactly like what my daughter is going through right now. When you talked about being angry with your parents, it really hit me hard. My daughter refused to talk to me for 4 years. We reconnected a year ago while she was going through a divorce. I gave her ALL of my time, lots of money…anything she needed to help her recover and stop talking about suicide. Shortly after she “recovered”, she got mad at me and is not talking to me again. Please pray for my daughter…and my family. God bless you sister!

  25. Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar (From Dead To The World)

    This song and performance is one of the most iconic moments in history. This was not mainstream at the moment and its masterfully crafted by a visionary. Like him or not, he made history. Nowadays music owes a lot to Mariliyn Manson. Shout out to the fans worldwide, we’re on the same boat.


    Man..the flags unfurling, blowing kisses, the podium and the ragdoll bits. Manson was on another level. After the depressing grunge era Antichrist Superstar came like a freight train. I’m 40 years old now and back in 96/97 i was completely amazed.


    This was the absolute best performance this song has ever had, bar none. Such raw power. The shock antics were out in full force, teeth bared, ready to upset the Christians waiting outside. This was Manson at his most provocative and energetic. Although the notion of using the Bible on stage is now old and tired, this particular performance still manages to feel shocking or “taboo” to this day in a way that he’s never exactly been able to replicate again. I love everything Manson has ever done, and I certainly still think he’s a pretty good live performer, but this performance was truly next level.

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